Asthma bodybuilding

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Asthma bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is intense! Anyone who has ever done any bodybuilding will know that it is not only a sport but also physically demanding. Many people who turn to bodybuilding with the desire to buildAsthma body buildingmuscle mass often find that their asthma holds them back from performing at their peak performance.vitamins-herbs-and-health-header

Another thing which not too many bodybuilders consider (as well as most sportsmen) taking supplements on a daily basis to enhance their sports performance, is that the steroid’s found in asthma inhalers interfere not only with your capacity to perform to your max but also interfere with the supplements you take.

Because bodybuilders bulk up, their asthma tends to somewhat worsen. This is due to the pressure put on their diaphragm, as they bulk up so does their breathing change. The same thing happens in over weight people.

Asthma bodybuilding – How To Be A Asthma FREE Bodybuilder

As you breathing changes so does your asthma, the more difficult you find it to breathe, the more you will breathe. This sounds like a contradiction but let me clarify it.

When asthmatic’s cannot breathe then tend to gasp for air, which brings in more oxygen than they should be taking in. So the reason and the only reason you have asthma is not because you are born with some weakness, not because you have some genetic in you but because you over breathe.

As crazy as it sounds its the truth.

And heres the proof –

Asthma bodybuilding facts

asthmatic’s breathe around 15 litres of air per minute compared to non asthmatic’s who only breathe around 6-12 litres of air per minute.Asthma Test

This is why when you exercise you over breathe, because you are already over breathing so when you over breathe above your over breathing due to your body trying to transport oxygen to your body you then need to use your asthma pump.

So the first step bodybuilders should and can take in regards to asthma, is to reduce their breathing. Many of the protein shakes they take, including the chocolate flavoured protein and whey drinks should never be drunk with dairy and if possible avoid anything that contains chocolate.

Chocolate is one of the worst things you ca eat or drink as a bodybuilder and even if doesn’t contain chocolate – don’t drink it! Chocolate will make your chest tight, if you have a craving for chocolate, it is an indication that your body is low in magnesium.

Asthma bodybuilding tips

Always warm up, not the traditional type of stretching but begin by shallow breathing, breathing only through your nose, your breathing should be light and you should never hear your breathing, this should be done before and after for about 3-5 minutes.

If you follow these simple yet highly effective asthma bodybuilding tips you will soon find that your asthma condition while doing bodybuilding will improve.